What is IPSR?

IPSR is an international, interdisciplinary center for research on human thinking and feeling and how social forces conspire against and facilitate optimization of social processes. IPSR has active programs of research, scholarship, and training in four areas:

Racial Bias and Discrimination

  • Cognitive and emotional processes through which bias manifests; developmental and longitudinal aspects of bias acquisition and maintenance; interventions to reduce bias; health disparities

Power and Status

  • Emotional, cognitive and behavioral mechanisms and outcomes associated with power and status; the difference between power and status; the link between hierarchy and decision making; the link between hierarchy and health outcomes; the role of hierarchy in interpersonal, organizational and intimate relationships


  • Personality assessment in humans; personality development; implications of personality for performance, creativity, and innovation; self-awareness and authenticity

Emotion, Affect, and Psychological Well-Being

  • Emotional expression in the face and body; the physiology of emotion; emotion regulation; how emotion shapes cognition; how emotion is shaped by social contexts; measurement of emotion; the role of emotion in intimate relationships; stress, symptoms, and disease; coping with chronic illness; health systems

In each area, emphasis is given to studying phenomena at multiple levels of analysis, including the biological, the individual, and the contextual.