2018 Grant Recipients

Stephen Antonoplis: Openness to other in adults in the U.S.

Rachel Berkowitz: "It's your job": practitioners' experiences of community-driven approaches to place-based transformation

Belinda Carrillo: Sleep and self-silencing

Vanessa Castro: Developing an emotion recognition tool

Paul Gouvard: Linguistic alignment and earnings surprise

Shoshana Jarvis: Disclosure as a mechanism for instrumental mentorship

Ryan Lundell-Creagh: Personality trait changes in response to film clips

Marilyn Thomas: The health consequences of structural racism: implications for anti-racism policy and practices in social institutions

Emily Willroth: Emotion dynamics as transdiagnostic predictors of psychopathology

Felicia Zerwas: Perceiving is believing: do perceptions of suppression use explain the relational costs associated with actual suppression use?