How to apply for the Bob Levenson Research Award

The Bob Levenson Research Award provides funding for graduate student and postdoctoral research projects and professional development. Projects should be aligned with IPSR’s mission: To conduct basic social and personality research that contributes to understanding and fostering well-being, health, equality, and access to information for all. We particularly encourage projects that involve or advance collaboration across students, labs, or disciplines. 

Funding will be up to $2,000. In exceptional circumstances we will consider proposals up to $5,000 (e.g., for collaborative projects; for projects involving large samples of participants).

How to apply:

Submit the following materials via email to

A)     A 2-page maximum proposal that describes aims, research questions, and statement of importance, method, hypotheses or anticipated outcomes, and timeline. Projects will be awarded for up to 2 years.

B)     A 1-page maximum budget and budget justification.

C)      A brief endorsement by your mentor(s). This does not need to be a letter of support; we just need a brief 1-2 sentence statement indicating your mentor(s) have read the proposal and endorse it. 

All materials should be compiled into a single pdf document.

Eligible expenses include:

  • Participant payments
  • Travel for research
  • Necessary equipment
  • Software
  • Workshop fees; travel to another lab to learn a new method

Ineligible expenses include:

  • Conference attendance or travel
  • Stipends


Proposals due: 1/15/2024 midnight

Announce: Before 2/15/2024


  • Graduate student or postdoctoral fellow
  • At least one of the faculty mentors who endorses the project is an affiliate of IPSR


Results from research grants will be presented in an IPSR colloquium. If you use the support to attend a workshop or learn a new method or approach we will ask you to pass on what you learned to interested IPSR members.

For questions please contact Elizabeth Peele at