2019 Grant Recipients

Laura Bell: Workplace stigma and discrimination

Derek Brown: How people make decisions about other people

Vincent Buckwitz: Feelings toward your neighbor

Kuan-Hua Chen: Examining real-world interconnectedness

Sonya Mishra: Physical attractiveness of perpetrators

Gold Okafor: Emotion expressers as a function of gender and race

Isaac Raymundo: High power/low power 

Daron Sharps: Effects of personality on power

Daniel Stein: Blacks are boxed in, Whites get a tabula rasa: Breaking the stereotype ceiling

Iris Steine: Associations of multiple domains of psychosocial stressors in the level and rise of placental corticotrophin releasing hormone (pCRH) during pregnancy 

Liza Yartsev: Immediate emotional reactions to repeated stimuli

Felicia Zerwas: Perceived emotion suppression