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Projective Tests

Below is information about projective tests administered in the 16 data sets in the IPSR archives. If you are interested in other kinds of information, click the link above to return to the archives overview and then follow the link to the information of interest.

Name of data set Rorschach Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) Other projective tests
Air Force Officers yes yes (7 cards) Rorschach Concept Evaluation Test; Human Movement in Inkblots (Barron); Opinion Prediction Scale; Cartoon Test; Test of Decision Behavior
Architects I yes yes (5 cards)
Architects II
Architects III
Architectural Firm
College Sophomores I yes (5 cards)
College Sophomores II
Doctoral Candidates-Fall
Doctoral Candidates-Spring yes
Irish Managers
Medical School Applicants yes
Medical School Seniors
Research scientists yes (3 cards)
Senior honors students in engineering yes (3 cards)
Women Law Students
Women Mathematicians yes yes (5 cards) Hardyck Stick Figures

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