UC Berkeley Institute of Personality and Social Research

Behavior Change Research Network


The Behavior Change Research Network (BCRN) is an interdisciplinary group composed of faculty and postdoctoral scholars from business, economics, psychology, and public health. BCRN is located at the University of California, Berkeley and includes members from other Bay Area universities. Our goal is to develop an approach to the study of important issues related to behavior change (e.g., health and behavior, emotion regulation, decision-making) that takes advantage of our group’s unique resources and strengths. We are linked by a common perspective that (a) adolescence and late life are key inflection points in the life span trajectory that offer unique opportunities for behavior change, (b) emotion, motivation, and decision-making are key targets for behavior change, and (c) well-being and health are important outcomes of behavior change. We have developed a seminar series and have hosted two conferences. Our long-term vision is to build a research network in the Bay Area in order to pursue unique approaches to the study of behavior change. For more information, please visit our website.