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Why It Helps To Give Yourself a "Mental Hug"

Are you being too hard on yourself? It may be time to pause for a moment and give yourself a "mental hug". As part of a series of campus-wide events held for this year's Reunion and Parents Weekend at Homecoming, Dr. Serena Chen presented research on self-compassion, which … More

Dr. Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton Speaks on NPR's 'So Well Spoken'

In a world where the standards of political correctness seem to be waning in some areas yet waxing in others, race and ethnicity continue to be tricky topics in everyday conversation. A recent segment on NPR's news series So Well … More

IPSR Scholars Head To The Mile High City

The Society of Experimental Social Psychology (SESP) held its annual conference in Denver, Colorado this September, giving IPSR scholars a chance to present their research in the Mile High City.

Softening the Sting Of Rejection

Rejection hurts – not only emotionally, but, as research has demonstrated, on a physical level as well. However, sometimes rejection doesn’t actually sting that badly.  A recent article by Drs. Maya Kuehn (recent Berkeley PhD graduate), Serena Chen (current faculty member), … More