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IPSR Mini grant awarded to Felicia Zerwas

IPSR has awarded $1,000 to support Felicia Zerwas’ research on the relationship between perceived emotion suppression and relationship outcomes. Felicia is a third year PhD student working with Professor Iris Mauss to better understand why suppressing (i.e. concealing) emotional behavior is associated with decreased relationship quality for romantic relationship partners. Much of this work examines how each partner’s suppression use relates to interpersonal outcomes. While this approach has many strengths, it ignores an important aspect of interpersonal processes; each partner’s perception of the interaction. In the proposed study, romantic relationship partners will have a conflict conversation in the lab and report their own suppression use as well as how much they think their partner suppressed during the conversation. Examining perceptions of suppression use, along with self-reported suppression use, will provide researchers with a more comprehensive understanding of why suppression is consistently associated with negative interpersonal outcomes.