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Dr. Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton Speaks on NPR's 'So Well Spoken'

In a world where the standards of political correctness seem to be waning in some areas yet waxing in others, race and ethnicity continue to be tricky topics in everyday conversation. A recent segment on NPR's news series So Well Spoken tackled this issue by inviting Dr. Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton to the show on September 17th. In social interactions, people often try to relate to one another by anchoring on their racial, ethnic, or cultural backgrounds. However, sometimes those particular frameworks don't apply, and sometimes they might even make the interaction more awkward. Dr. Mendoza-Denton provides a personal example: in his experience, people would often pronounce his first name with a over-dramatized rrrrrroll of the tongue, so he eventually adopted the nickname 'Rudy'. In the segment, Rudy also discusses issues related to stereotypes, cultural identity, and relating to others on a personal level. Listen to the full segment online by clicking on this link.