UC Berkeley Institute of Personality and Social Research



Our Emotions, Our Bodies, Ourselves: Sources of Variability in our Affective Responses to the World

Presenter: Erika Siegel, Postdoctoral Fellow, UC San Francisco

Wed, Sep 12, 2018, 12:10 pm to 1:15 pm

2121 Berkeley Way, Room 1104

Traditional theories about emotion posit that variation in responses to evocative stimuli is epiphenomenal, or unrelated, to the experience of emotion. In this talk, I present data from a meta-analysis on bodily responses during emotion from which I will argue that variation in responses is pervasive and normative and that understanding the full scope of human emotion requires broadening our view of variability beyond error or methodological noise. I have been taking this approach in my own work and I will present data on one internal source of variation in affective reactivity and that is individual differences in our ability to perceive our bodily states. More recently, I have been investigating external sources of variation, in particular, the way that other people’s emotions on our own subjective and physiological responses. 

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