UC Berkeley Institute of Personality and Social Research

What is IPSR?

IPSR is a world-wide center for research on personality and social processes. IPSR has active programs of research, scholarship, and training in five areas:

  1. Personality
    • Personality assessment in human and infrahuman species; personality development; implications of personality for performance and creativity
  2. Emotion and Affect
    • Emotional expression and physiology; emotion in social contexts; measurement of emotion
  3. Culture
    • Cultural influences on fundamental psychological processes of cognition, emotion, and personality
  4. Health
    • Stress, symptoms, and disease; coping with chronic illness; health systems
  5. Social processes
    • Intimate relationships; organizational behavior; environmental psychology; political psychology

In each area, emphasis is given to studying phenomena at multiple levels of analysis, including the biological, the individual, and the contextual.